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May 21, 2007

On behalf of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International under the leadership and direction of Presiding Bishop, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. and the Bishop of Global Ministry, Bishop L. Foday Farrar, we would like to confirm Reverend Frank Ogagba as the State Overseer of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International (FGBCFI) of South Africa.
State Overseer Ogagba has been a leader in good standing with the FGBCFI for more five years and continues to prove to be a wonderful asset to the ministry focus and vision of the Full Gospel Fellowship to reach and win the continent of Africa for Christ, South Africa in particular.

Under State Overseer Ogagba’s leadership, he has assisted the FGBCFI in organizing and setting up an infrastructure throughout Johannesburg and Cape Town like no other. He has assisted in setting up and hosting numerous training sessions, annual conferences, and meetings and visits with the indigenous leadership. He works well to maintain contact and representation throughout for all. His heart and passion is truly the voice of God to His people and to act as a voice of the people towards God and others. He has acquired, for the sake of structure and organization, equipment, tapes, teaching materials, and other necessary resources that aid in the growth and extension of outreach and influence on behalf of FGBCFI of South Africa. The goal to win the unreached people groups of South Africa is being obtained and maintained through his collaborative efforts to unite a people with the Most High God.

As Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International of South Africa continues to grow and flourish State Overseer Frank Ogagba is considered to be a tremendous asset. His tenacity, spiritual fervor, and hunger for spiritual bread for all people along with his ability to manage and organize people and events are the very reason why the FGBCFI stands behind and with him 100 %. He is an overseer who has been entrusted with God’s work.

Because of Calvary,
Bishop L. Foday Farrar
Bishop of Global Ministry
Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International

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